Permanent marking guarentees a perfect control and tracebility of your products.

Telesis Technologies

All marking Telesis Technologies systems are robust and characterized by their reliability. These systems are built to withstand the most demanding conditions of production and are used by small workshops, as well as by companies around the world. The exclusive sale of these systems for the region Belux is provided by Markopack.

After sales

Located near Brussels Markopack accounts directly from Belgium with its own stock of spare parts for an effective and fast after-sales service.


These Pinstamp Systems and Benchmark Systems can be mounted on a toolpost, can be integrated in a production line or can be presented as a portable system to mark small spare parts and large machine parts.

These marking systems can be powered electric or pneumatic (floating pin technology) to realize a perfect marking on curved surfaces.

There are single pin systems or multiple pin systems to ensure a quick marking. Stand alone marking systems or computer-network driven marking systems. You can see our marking systems in action through Instagram and LinkedIn.

If you would like to retrieve more information about our marking systems, please contact us using the form below: